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B. Music (Biography)

Daniel Catalan, artist name B. Music, is based out of Pasadena, TX. Since 2010, he has dedicated himself to his art and becoming the best artist, songwriter, and producer he can be.  Despite hard times, he always finds himself back in the studio working and writing music. 

He has worked alongside friends and experienced artists such as Sin Perez, Jp and Drin.  B. Music learned so much from them including how to put songs together from building the beat to writing and recording the song. In his start, B. Music released a few singles through MySpace and received good feedback from people encouraging him to throw himself deep into perfecting his craft.      

In 2014, he was part of Houston history when Barron Studios recorded the longest song ever. Later that year, the Guinness Book Of World Records granted the studio a plaque for breaking the record.


In October 2016, he performed at Houston’s Warehouse LIVE and won a contest that allowed him to go out and perform at a venue in Dallas, TX. Early in 2020 and amidst the pandemic, he participated in a rap battle and won third place.


B. Music continues to work with different artist around his city, working on his sound and expanding his brandWith hopes to be the next big thing out of Texas, B. Music pursues his dreams with dedication. 




B. Music is currently working on his new album titled “Something’s Gotta Give," where he incorporates songs about life, death, and bouncing back from hardships. The album's first single is titled For My Angel.



From his latest album, Something's Gotta Give


The album's first single, “For My Angel," is dedicated to his late grandfather.  Written on the same tragic day and without music, he describes the feelings and thoughts he was dealing with at the time of his grandfather's passing.  Such songs are the ones that B. Music has been known for writing and producing. 

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